To open a RTF file using standard WordPad application, click on the "start Standard". Run the program, then click on the button to the main menu and select "Open". Specify the path to the document to open. The program immediately in the open directory should display the supported formats, including RTF.
Similarly, you can open the RTF file using the context menu, if you click on the document icon with the right mouse button. In the opened menu will be displayed program, which in the system you can view the file. Among them is sure to be a built-in WordPad.
The advantage of this format is its versatility. A file with the same extension can be opened in any operating system and in many text editors, including MS Word. To do this, go to menu "File" in older versions or click on the "Office" in the new. In the window that appears, select the file type "rich Text format", and then specify the path to it. If the document has been saved, the editor will see it immediately. When you open error may occur. The program will issue an appropriate warning and will ask you to specify the encoding. If this is not done, then after opening the document will be unreadable.
There are also a number of readers that support RTF format. For example, are free to download and install an application TextMaker Viewer. It allows you to simply open and view documents, including RTF, not editing them. Like work and Word Viewer, AbiWord.
On that computer, install a free text editor FocusWriter, one of the best RTF editors. Then right-click on the icon of the RTF document and click "Open with", and installed FocusWriter. This editor supports simple formatting allows you to save the document in different versions of the RTF format, enables easy editing and spell check.