E-book formats

The first thing to clarify is that Android is a platform, operating system, and support for certain formats of books depends not from Android. In order that the phone can read various ebook formats, you need to install special applications. And depending on which formats can read the program, the following book formats and the user will be able to read on the phone.

Often on the Internet you can find such formats of electronic books as fb2, txt, doc, djvu, pdf, rtf, epub, mobi and others. The most popular of these is the format FB2 or FictionBook. FB2 is an open format (based on XML), created by Russian developers. This format is best suited for reading books, as it contains information about the author, illustrations, formatted text.

Application for reading books

So, in order for Android to read the books, you need to install a special application. For starters, you need to decide what format books will be used. If you haven't decided which format is better (or not understand them), then it is better to use such apps that support the most popular mobile formats – fb2, epub, mobi. An important requirement is the ability of applications to work with online directories, from where you can download almost any book.
One of the popular Android e-readers (so-called apps for reading books, is FBReader. It supports the most common book formats – fb2, epub, rtf, mobi and plain text files. The uniqueness of this program is that it is possible to chose any external OpenType or TrueType font and use it to read. The application is able to extract files from 7-Zip archives, and import books from the SD card.

For reading books in djvu format you can use the app EBookDroid. Because apps for Android that allows you to read the djvu format, practically no, this is the first advantage of the program EBookDroid. In addition, this program also supports pdf, xps, cbr, and fb2. A great speed reading djvu and pdf formats only adds points to this application.

In General, applications for reading books, there are many. To choose them to your taste and color. If all the books on the phone in a specific format, reading will be enough any program that supports it. If you need support for most formats, you can put several applications: one program, for example, will read formats fb2, doc, txt, and other formats such as pdf and djvu.