You will need
  • -celery;
  • -med;
  • -borage;
  • -growdigital.
Do the exercises that help to stretch the muscles while strengthening their structure. It will also help to improve posture. Moreover, moderate physical activity can help relieve pain without the use of any medicine.
Some exercises you can do while you work. Straighten your back, lean on something on the back of a chair. Shoulders relaxed and down. Slowly put your head back as far as possible. Try to sit in this position for 30 seconds. Turn your head to the right, stop for 30 seconds. And the same movement to the left. Put your hands on your knees. Head down, chin dropped to his chest, Try to pull shoulders as high as possible, trying to reach the ear. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times.
Massage is a proven, effective cure for various diseases of musculoskeletal system. For sessions it is better to go to a specialist.
If the pain is severe, most likely you will still have to go to the doctor. Any medication it is better to coordinate with a specialist, including the use of become popular lately gels.
A very good solution will be to buy in a drugstore special "growdigital", the use of which will allow you to maintain proper blood flow and relax the muscles of the neck. At first, it can be no more than ten minutes, then you can extend the wearing time.
Try to use traditional recipes. For the relief of pain, you can use the massage with honey. The honey in this case actively rubbed into the skin, neck area until fully absorbed. Pain relief occurs almost immediately.
Popular treatment of chondrosis is a decoction of the root of celery. Approximately 50 g of root brew in a liter of water. Broth should take three times a day for two tablespoons.
Useful if you have problems with the cervical spine to take baths with herbs. Contribute to the improvement of health bath with cucumber herb, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. Boil it (3-5 cups per 3 liters of water), strain and add to bath. This procedure will relieve pain and help relaxation.