Use pine nuts. Take the fresh shell pine nuts, briefly boil it in hot water and leave for half an hour. You apply the resulting mixture on the skin in areas of unwanted hair growth, then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this procedure a few times and you will soon begin to notice that the amount of hair decreases significantly. Few weeks will be seen that the hair has completely disappeared. This method is most easy, common and safe in a number of folk remedies. Also, instead of the shell pine nuts, you can use the hard shell of walnut.
Use nettle seeds. Collect about 40 grams of the seeds, pound them in a container and pour vegetable oil in an amount of 100 ml. Place the mixture in a dark place for approximately two months. Strain and gently apply this mixture on the skin that requires hair removal. If you use this method regularly that prevent you hair in less than a month, will disappear forever.
Take a basis for you need funds green grapes. Squeeze the juice from it and apply to the skin. This method is very simple, suitable for all skin types, but is not a very high efficiency. Also fresh juice of green grapes helps the skin affected by psoriasis.
From unwanted hair to get rid of horse chestnut. Take one glass of fruits of the horse chestnut, remove the peel, pour the fruit 600 ml of boiling water and put on fire, stirring occasionally. After the water has evaporated, cool the resulting mass and apply it onto the area of skin that requires hair removal.
Take 5 g of castor oil, about 5 g of liquid ammonia, 2 g of iodine and 30 g of alcohol. Thoroughly mix these ingredients and then carefully apply to the skin. This tool is very effective if applied at least 2 times a day.