Advice 1: How to get a lot of money and not work

The most attractive money are those which are obtained without any physical effort and much cost. Income that allows you to get money without working, called passive income. Not work and live comfortably is a dream for most ordinary people.
How to get a lot of money and not work
The main advantage of passive income is the ability to not think about the salary, and in the future allows you to refuse the main work and to become financially independent.

The receipt of money may be permanent or one-time. There are several ways of receiving funds. The income will depend on the method chosen.

One of the ways to get easy money is winning the lottery, casino or any gambling game. The income can be very high, but the likelihood of getting money in this way is very low and very high risk of losing their own funds.

A one-off cash inflow is the inheritance. It can be money, real estate or jewelry. If you get a decent inheritance, it can not work for a few years.

A small but steady income you can get, if you regularly donate blood. Donors are paid monetary compensation, and company provided time off. This way you can accumulate on additional holidays.

Source of income is a pension. Retirement can not only age, but also on superannuation, depending on the type of profession and the nature of the work. You can simultaneously receive a pension and continue to work. For the female population an additional source of money is alimony. To get money without working can be made by unemployment benefits.

Each source brings a small income, however, combine to make a good amount that will work for you and make a profit, if it is directed in the right direction.

Most affordable passive income is Bank Deposit. Putting money on Deposit to earn interest from the Deposit. An additional source of money. The income will depend on the Deposit amount. Therefore, to obtain high income needed a lot of work and save the initial capital. For accumulation, you should use all sources of money – social security benefits, alimony, pensions, grants, salaries, inheritance and constantly look for additional sources of funds.

Deposit is a reliable tool for saving and accumulation of money. However, inflation outstrips income on Deposit, so to increase profit you have to invest in higher-yielding instruments. Mutual funds allow you to invest your savings in stocks and bonds of the common man. Have a low threshold of the down payment and do not require special knowledge in the field of investment.

The most profitable and secure investment is real estate. It can be rented out. The cost per square meter is growing. If you buy an apartment and move into the status of the real estate, and then pass in Commerce, then the rental price increases several times.

Accumulated a sufficient amount of money to open your business. When your project will start to generate a steady income to appoint a Trustee, and to make a profit and to do what he likes. If it is an original and profitable business, then many will want to open the same. By giving them permission you will receive monthly your percentage of turnover.

However, not everyone is born a businessman. Many entrepreneurs are looking for investors to open their business. Investing the accumulated money and becoming a business partner, can not work and receive a percentage from the income of other people.

You can give money in interest-bearing debt. Direct evidence that this is a very profitable are banks, which all take out loans. A lot of offices and institutions issuing microloans. The only disadvantage of such passive income is a big risk to lose your money, as they may not return.

If you are a creative person then, becoming an author of a song, book, film, or unusual inventions you can get a percentage for the use of your ideas. Right of ownership of the original ideas are transferred to your children through inheritance, so this passive income is very promising.

The main difference between a rich man from the poor is that the poor - working and spends all that work. But the rich experience and lays to then not work. To achieve financial independence in a short period of time is very difficult. Therefore, in order not to depend on money, you need to work, to save money and to increase it. In the future money will work for you.

Advice 2 : How to make money in small business

Many would like to earn income from business activities, not just work for someone else. Often, the lawyers opened their private firm, either in the office or at home. To organize any small business, it is important to have a clear algorithm.
How to make money in small business
You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - business plan;
  • office;
  • - furniture;
  • - license of IP;
  • - start-up capital.
Describe their strengths. Well think about what you can actually offer the market of their skills and knowledge. Perhaps you are a highly skilled accountant. Then you can open a private practice and provide their services. You also need to possess entrepreneurial flair, responsibility, and a burning desire to achieve their goals.
Study the examples of other small business entrepreneurs. Read articles on the Internet about how they started their hard journey. Can also meet them personally and ask some important questions in your business. Learn as much information as possible on what you plan to do.
Gather start-up capital. If you want to open an office, then you immediately have to spend your internship at least 1,000,000 p. In this price will include the cost of furniture, documents and computers, and rental of premises, etc. For many, it is a very large sum. However, there is an exit in the first stage, – doing business through the Internet at home.
Shall describe in detail the business plan of your idea. You will need to calculate how much money you earn for a certain period. If you do decide to take the room, then you will need to hire 2-3 employees. Figure out when business will come to a real return on investment. Consider all possible costs.
Register with the tax authorities and obtain the license of the individual entrepreneur. Only then begin to implement your business plan in practice.
Discuss all sides of your business from experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and lawyers (only if you yourself are not).
Useful advice
You can earn initial money to open the office, working through Internet at home. Advise clients and take you set the price for their services. It is not necessary to borrow money in the Bank, even if you are sure that your business plan will bring you good profit.

Advice 3 : How to earn money: a few ideas

To have a cash income in addition to the basic earnings is the dream of many. Money does not happen much, as part time job allows you to pay to hold on, and buy something unplanned. Moreover, opportunities for additional earnings is now really a lot.
How to earn money: a few ideas

Most likely part time are those who are engaged in needlework. It can be sewing, knitting, embroidery. As a rule, starting to create for yourself, needlewoman gradually acquire customers from their environment. These masters then turn the work in main job, which pays well.

If it turns out to photograph well, it is possible to take photos. Some free photo shoots will be good advertising and if the talent is really there, the orders will be too. Value good quality and reasonable price will surely attract customers.

Those who have pedagogical education, you can do tutoring. Academic hours of classes is pretty good, especially if you can offer your services through an Agency. But even if you deal with a neighbor's children for a modest fee, you can well to earn money.

Music educators, speech therapists, linguists — their services are always in demand. And while the careless disciples will not run at all, teachers always have the option of part-time work for his small salary budget.

Love for children and experience with them allow you to earn a nanny or a governess. Not necessarily for a full day. Often assistance is required just for an hour. Here you can and become a nanny to. Customers will not wait — neighbors, friends, and then begin to apply postoronnie people.

Medical education can also be used with benefit . Nurses, for example, are always in demand. And if you learn to do massage, it will provide additional income. The fame of good masseurs will spread quickly.

If you have a car and licence to engage in private taxi driver. Of course, this activity is more suitable for men, as it can be dangerous. Recently, however, female taxi drivers are not so rare. And their costs are everywhere. By the way, the service "sober driver" are in great demand. And if you have a license, and no car — you can drive tipsy motorists on their vehicle and get paid for it.

Manager can apply for part-time employment. In his spare time you can conduct marketing surveys over the phone, you can implement the techniques and passing any orders. Similar work can be found in the newspaper or on the Internet.

Another option jobs is network marketing. Most, of course, immediately dismiss this way of earning, but a lot of work to make good money. Here the main thing not to fall for scams that require investment.

Often the metro and close to shops you can meet girls and guys handing out flyers with ads. It is the promoters and pay them hourly. By the way, often promoters hold various promotions in supermarkets.

Literary talent can be used to work as a copywriter or freelance writer any printed edition. Several articles for example will make a portfolio and help customers at first.

Lovers of Pets is happy to pay for dog parks, when they themselves have no time for this. In addition, those who keep animals at home are often faced with the fact that you have nowhere to put the pet during travel or trips. This is a real problem. And those who helps you out, good living.

To find work and improve their financial situation is not difficult. The main thing is to decide what it does best and move forward. And this may happen, that additional income will become the primary and favorite work.

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