When working in the village no, people panic, because without money can not live. In fact, the easiest way of earning in this situation is to create that job or open a business, albeit remote. If there is no education in the field of marketing, you can use statistics, which is often available in publications or to order such, more narrowly focused analysis from the professionals. Identify deficient direction in the village, city, district.
You can start with not open your own business, and with a cost-effective initiatives. For example, engaged in delivery of scarce goods on an order - there are people who find it difficult to travel to another city to buy needed items, things, food, and social protection is working in this direction. For a start do not need any investment, it is possible to travel by public transport, which will pay the customer. If you enter multiple orders, the road quickly starts to pay off. If you have your car, the number of orders can take quite a lot for one trip. Resale of any sought-after commodities in this case can be considered as a passing direction.
Earthworks, material handling, sewage treatment - not very pleasant and low-paid jobs, but if to become a mediator and to create jobs, we can win on the difference in payment orders and work as a laborer. You can create any jobs and provide services at affordable prices.
If you have a computer and Internet, you can look for remote work - many freelancers post their resume on various exchanges and message boards. Freelancing isn't just about creating content on sites, but any graphic work, consulting, accounting, design and other. If you have no specific skills, you can find orders and performers, earning the role of a mediator. It is important to consider the risks of nonpayment and nonperformance of work. In the first case - take the advance, and the second to have some time and a couple of specialists in one area.
If you have a hobby or love of needlework, gardening, growing and preserving vegetables and berries, you can not just trade your creations on the market, but also to create ads on the Internet and develop a website for the first time - free designer. So you can get constant sales. The work will be to combine the method of obtaining a livelihood and hobby.