You will need
  • - painkiller
  • - sage leaves or lemon balm
  • - Valerian tincture or teething drops
  • - clove oil
  • - a piece of unsalted fat or raw beets
  • - onion or garlic
  • - gauze
Adopt a monkeyBolivia medication if no contraindications (including hypersensitivity, allergic reactions, asthma). Among the high-speed modern pharmaceutical drugs most effective non-steroidal anti-inflammatory means. So, Ketanov and its derivatives relieve acute pain for approximately four to six hours, after which their appointment must be repeated. If you are pregnant, or give pills to a child, use Paracetamol.
Rinse your mouth with room temperature water and remove food residue from the cavity, if a cavity is a hole. Put in the hollow of a small cotton ball soaked with oil of cloves, tincture of Valerian or pharmacy dental drops. Change the cotton wool in the fresh as the resumption of severe pain. If the tooth is not destroyed from the outside, prepare a decoction of sage or lemon balm from the calculation: 2-3 teaspoons of crushed dried leaves per Cup of boiling water. Cool and use to rinse at least five times a day.
Try recipes of traditional medicine. Apply to the gums near the aching place a piece of unsalted pork fat or raw beetroot pulp. Hold until the pain subsides - about 10-15 minutes. If there is the honeycomb, gently chew a piece, then push the tongue to the tooth and hold until resorption of honey. In the summer use the root of plantain or grass saponaria.
Attach to the wrist (the left if you have a toothache on the right, and Vice versa) cheesecloth with crushed garlic or paste of raw onions. Or use more simple methods of acupuncture: find the midpoint of the upper phalanx of the fingers of the right hand and apply pressure to it with a match within a minute, and then massage the skin around the point. As an option - press the tip of the nail for a point at the fossa between the nose and mouth.
Be sure to consult a doctor if severe pain persists for a long time, and is accompanied by severe headache and dizziness, high fever, swelling of the cheeks or swelling of the face.