If strongly started to hurt a tooth, then the first thing you need to drink pain reliever medicine. It is best to use in such cases analgesics. These drugs can be purchased without a prescription, because if you observe the dosage, they are completely safe. It must be remembered that the usual analgesics are contraindicated in the presence of chronic diseases of the stomach.

Than you rinse?

If the night has a toothache, then the most harmless method is rinsing. You need to take: salt; iodine; water.

You can do warm saline solution and add a few drops of iodine. Thus preparing a simple but fairly effective means for rinsing. There is no need to raise a storm in your mouth, you can spend a quiet gargle, frequently spitting. There is a possibility that so can get rid of small particles, pressing directly on nerve ending, and a bad toothache recede.

In any pharmacy you can buy special solution and use it to prepare the rinse. Among the most popular tools that will help you survive until morning, it is necessary to highlight the infusion of calendula on alcohol.

Effective folk remedies

To eliminate the pain, you must bite a sick tooth unsalted fat. This method is part of the truth, because if exposed nerve ending, with a layer of oil can create a protective layer.

A popular method is to rinse the mouth with vodka or lotion with gruel of garlic. But they better not use it, will only get worse. And the dentist will be shocked by these "wonderful" smells.


You can do a specialized local anesthesia, which works well, because the mucosa is quite sensitive to different anesthetics. You should always keep in your medicine Cabinet lidocaine. You can just drip a little on cotton wool and applying after this to a great place. Will be much easier.

Of course, a specialized spray may be beneficial, but it is unlikely to have an ordinary first aid kit. However, you can use different oil preparations, such as "dental". They are fully cropped sensitivity, allowing you to fall asleep.

If there is no strength to withstand the pain, you can find round-the-clock clinic, it is possible in big cities. Otherwise, in the morning should be sure to visit the dentist. The pain may recede, but it will return with greater force. You need to consider that sometimes the problem is not in the tooth and more serious. Maybe it's septic, so no need to delay the visit to the doctor.