To work out all the details and trivia before the opening of the case will help the preparation of a competent business plan. If you have enough experience, try to think through the project yourself, if no experience – visit a design Bureau, where you can buy ready-made scheme of economic development of production in the Bridal industry. The degree of success of such a project in principle is high, as the number of customers of wedding salons is increasing from year to year, but adjusted for seasonality.
Decide on the organizational-legal form – individual entrepreneur or a Corporation. At the initial stage should give preference to the first option, since this will greatly simplify accounting and allow you to save money on taxes. Moreover, clients wedding companies are mainly individuals, in connection with than to complicate the legal relationship is not necessary.
Make a description of the future enterprise. Wedding industry is quite extensive. For example, do you intend to open a Bridal salon to provide services to individuals in the conduct and support of weddings with everything from A to Z. Or your idea organization, company, rental of wedding outfits for the bride and groom. In the latter case it is necessary to focus on this narrow way. In the selected region analyze the market of wedding services of your locality, giving him complete and objective characteristic. Evaluate all the pros and cons of the competitors to be able to copy them the best and consider not to repeat the shortcomings of their work.
The next step will be the search and organization of the room. The best option - the acquisition of property or long-term lease of non-residential premises in a public area. If you are going to open a Bridal salon with a full range of services including the sale of the dress, banquets, car rental, photo and video, work, Toastmasters, services, florists and stylists, etc., choose the indoor area of 100 square meters. This will allow you to arrange all the required services in one place, it will be convenient for customers who will add value in the eyes of potential consumers. Take care of the repair and decoration of the room, divide it into zones. The interior of the Bridal salon should be elegant and Express the direction of the institution.
Think carefully about the structure of the services of the wedding company. Consider as primary and secondary services:

- clothing for newlyweds,
- the main selling wedding accessories
- the selection and design of the Banquet areas
- providing scenarios and wedding services for the selection of toastmaster,
- hire of transport,
- provide photo and video services.

All kinds of services you can provide your own and become a facilitator for the performers. In the latter case, you will be working for the Commission. Start searching for reliable vendors and artists, make with them a written agreement which will stipulate all the nuances and peculiarities of cooperation.
Employ the staff. The staff of wedding salon will be required to take one or two sellers, accountants and anyone else depending on the narrowness of specialization of your business (for example, a full-time operator and editor for all video weddings or hairdresser, make-up artist). As practice shows, and by estimates of businessmen, a long time working in the wedding industry, as well as on the basis of financial calculations you can conclude that the payback period of the wedding business is on average 2-5 years.