Hookah does not need special care, but to monitor its purity need. Of course, you don't have to completely rinse all parts, but a little cleaning required. It is advisable to do this after each use. You can wash it and less, but then cleaning will be more thorough and require more time and effort.
When you wash your hookah, do not use harsh detergents. Otherwise, in the process of Smoking something may suddenly remind you of their odor: the sensation is not pleasant.
Start with Cup. Empty the remaining tobacco, thoroughly rinse it and dry. If you change the water, it is best using brush to rinse the flask. It is desirable for anything other than hookah, not to use it. But at least come and ordinary kitchen brush.
To clean the upper part of the hookah, you'll need a special brush, the length of which is about one meter. Bristles short, from 0,5 to 1,5 cm If you do not have got such a brush, then rinse that part of the hookah under a strong stream of water.
From time to time helpful to clean the hose. Too often you can't do it, it can deteriorate. Put it under a powerful stream of hot or warm water and hold until it starts to go pure water. Some hoses cannot be washed by water, for example, those that are made of genuine leather. To clean it dry, use fishing line with a piece of foam tied in the middle. When you remove it, then turn loose rings, avoiding excesses, or to change the hose you have is too often.
Before how to assemble a hookah again, give him a chance to dry completely. Wipe the metal parts, to rust. When the water on it will not remain, collect and place in case. Usually, hookah is completely dry in 12 hours.