Best place to buy hookah home. So you will have the opportunity to train in the art of refueling at least every day. It is best to take the known models, as in restaurants, cafes and hookah use mostly them. You will also need foil, gas station, coal and a variety of additional equipment.
You need to learn how to refill the hookahs. This is a difficult process that requires considerable experience. There are many techniques, each of which has a quantity of smoke, taste and ease of Smoking. Looking for information on the Internet, watching videos and most importantly – try. Be sure to mark the result.
Learn to understand the gas station. This is important because each manufacturer uses different technology. The filling can be divided into two groups: those with nicotine and without nicotine. In the first case, often used the tobacco, and the second beet. The taste creates a special syrup, the smoke attaches to the glycerol.
Be sure to try all the manufacturers of refills, this will allow you to learn how to determine the correct method of filling. For example, tobacco Nakhla heat-resistant, for disclosure of the taste you have to put more coal, and the popular AlFakher, on the contrary - can quickly catch fire. Besides, keep in mind that not all techniques are suitable for filling all TOBACCOS. For example, "overpack" you can't do with AlTawareg or AlGanga.
Learn how to use different "chips". For example, if before Smoking, hang up from a hookah in the freezer and the flask add ice, then the smoke will also become much colder, which will make the process of Smoking on hot days much easier. The addition of glycerol in tobacco will help to increase the amount of smoke, but then you also need to know the norm.
You must know how to wash a hookah. To get rid of the smell of the previous filling used soda and special brushes (separately for the bulb and mine). Besides the bowl from time to time you need to soak in a mixture of water and baking soda to get rid of the burnt particles. Hookah it is best to wash after each use.
Special attention should be paid to the receiver. Much depends on the taste. Pour a little water, roll in different directions, and blowing into the tube, drain the dirt. This procedure should be repeated until then, until the tube starts flowing absolutely clean water. Note that cheap tubing need to be replaced periodically. As a rule, not less than once every 3 months, but it all depends on the frequency of Smoking and methods of care.
Also work on speed of supply of Shisha. Typically, the filling process of an experienced hookah takes about 10-15 minutes. Try to get close to this result.