To find out what pages are present on the site, use the search engine Google. Its search engines index almost all existing pages, which makes Google a very handy tool. In order to see the list of pages of the website, enter the search engine name in the format site:SITENAME. For example, if you want to see the list of pages on the website of the government of the Russian Federation, enter a search string
For more visual information, use a network service Enter the name of the site you're interested in the website of the Russian government it will be The slash at the end of the address is not assigned. Enter the digit security code, press the SCAN button. You will see a fairly complete map of the website of interest. In the scan settings you can select additional options – for example, the scanning of the files and folders that are forbidden for indexing.
You can see the map of the site using a small utility SiteScaner. It exists in the console version, and more familiar to Windows users – that is, with the window interface. The console version are easier to find. The program works very well, so quite popular among hackers. With its help, you can even get to those directories that have no links. Antivirus programs can block the work of the utilities, taking it for unwanted software. Therefore, at the time of working with program antivirus should be turned off.
Very detailed information on the site can be obtained using software complex Semonitor. The program is paid, but its demo version, it is coping with the definition of the structure of the website, you can download from the manufacturer's website:
To determine the site structure, you will only need one of the modules of the program Semonitor – site Analyzer. Run it, enter in the search field the address of the website, then click "Analyze". You will see the map you are interested in the site.