You will need
  • A computer connected to the Internet.
The most affordable way to learn date of creation of the page — go to its header and find the appropriate column. Often appears the day and month of the appearance of the article or page on this resource. Typically, the marking material used in blogs or on personal pages.
If you do not see the mark, you can use special service "server Response". To do this, click the following link and on the next page in the blank "Enter URL of the page of website" enter the link. As an example, follow this link Click "Check". After some time the screen displays full information on your request.
All the data you need to explore, so I will note on the 3rd string that begins with the phrase "Date:". In this row shows the desired date, namely the value of "Sun, 26 Feb 2012 18:07:15 GMT". For some sites a rule will be the value of another string that begins with the phrase Last Modified.
But not always this method works correctly — some sites use dynamic compiling data on the current page. Therefore, the best solution in this case will be data search in "Yandex" or Google. To do this, copy the page link from the address bar of the browser and paste it to an empty string the search engines. Press the "Find" button or press Enter.
View the search results in the first row after the snippet to indicate the date of indexing (how many hours or days ago was indexed this page). If the desired row in the search results you found, most likely, the page was closed from indexing or crawling have not yet been scanned.