To get information about the websiteavailable in the Internet sources, you need to go to the website of any of these services and enter in the corresponding field the domain name or IP address of the desired Internet resource.
As sample web services, on request, provide information about Internet sites you can consider Here, in order to obtain data of any website, you must enter its domain name or IP address. By doing this and clicking "Whois" you will almost immediately receive a response. The information will contain:- a link to public database server domain name Registrar from which the extracted source data of the website;- company name, registered the domain name you are interested in the site;- the date of domain registration and expiration date of the subscription period of the registration; the IP address of the site;- the hostname (server) that is hosting the web resource;- the name of the legal entity or name of physical person who is the owner of the domain name;- the list of IP addresses used by subdomains of this website;- the type of operating system, installed on the server of the website;- the version of PHP the server;- the title of the main page of this web-resource;- the list of DNS servers specified in the data of the domain Registrar;- the name of the mail server for the website;- e-mail address of technical administrator of the DNS servers;- the top ranker of the site;- the ranking and the TIC page Yandex;- list of other sites using the same IP-address;- contact telephone and Fax numbers and email address specified when you register a domain;