You will need
  • - special software for search and data storage.
Cardboard folders "Business" with folders disappearing. Modern dossier is an electronic version of the collection and storage of necessary information.
Want to compile a dossier on the employee, take a basis of compiling the dossier the usual summary. It specifies all important and additional information about the identity of the employee. The usual sections of a resume: name, date of birth, nationality, contact details, marital status, place of residence, education, character and ability, experience, level of knowledge of foreign languages.
Additional information is a kind of dirt on employee – personal relationships, weaknesses, Hobbies, documents from the tax authorities, phone calls, etc. This information is subjective, because compiled by a specific person.
If you want to compile a dossier on a company that is your partner or a competitor, use special computer programs to work with DBMS, systems control projects, or keys. They are freely available on the Internet: you need to download and install on your computer.
Use programs that index information in the user's computer and local network. Google Desktop, Bing Desktop is a program that quickly and accurately find the desired data. Categorization information used by these programs is given to the weak, and therefore requires human intervention.
Let's name the folder, specifying INN organizations: in this case, you can use the quick search program on your own computer. You can buy an already modified program relationship management with partners and competitors MS Access, Cronos Plus, CROS, or. Paid version (license), normally available only to large organizations.
Divide the file into several parts: a brief description of the firm indicating the total areas of activities, the findings from the data analysis of activities guidelines for working with the suggestions of a specialist. The last part (application) will contain the full versions of all materials.