First, please be all the necessary materials: paints, canvas, glue, brushes, primer. Most will cost, of course, oil paint. Although the correct selection of cheaper items is not less important. Especially pay attention to the acquisition of the canvas. The material from which it is made, directly affects the outcome of your work. So try to buy a canvas of flax or hemp.
Don't start drawing immediately, follow the established order. Before that you have to glue bought the canvas to paint shining right through him, entering on the wrong side. To make such manipulation quite simple, use carpenter's glue. When the procedure is complete, remove the canvas in the most ventilated room for drying. By the way, worth checking out if you've done everything. This indicator will be the adhesive strength of the fold (it should not crack).
The next step is priming the canvas. Without this you will not be able to start drawing. Please note that the application of primer requires special attention and care. If you do this carelessly and casually, the material can not be distributed evenly and will ruin your picture.
Now move on to patterning. Take a brush and paint, begin to carefully and slowly apply the strokes. Don't be afraid of the fact that the canvas stains are formed (when using oil paints, it is in principle excluded, because they have enough thick consistency). After the creation of the painting give it time to dry.