First determine the layout and composition of the portrait. Try thin lines to sketch. This is done in hard pencil. Draw a silhouette of a man, apply the main features of the face of the picture, background elements, and clothing items.
Now carefully consider the color-based portrait. Select its main task. It needs to emphasize the color. In addition, all the shades should be in harmony with each other. A portrait can cause calm emotions, if you are creating will use lighter and pastel colors. The picture will be more dramatic and sensual, will make a greater impression on the viewer if you will use bright and contrasting colors. Coloring picture pick depending on what tasks you set for yourself, and who you draw.
The first picture the lightest part of the portrait. Try more precisely and more successfully transfer using paints plastic face. Oil is a rather difficult material to paint. Therefore, to better understand how to reflect transitions between colors, first try to practice a little on the rough sheet. Then you can easily use different shades of oil paints and the best way to reflect plasticity and emotion of the portrait. Before you begin to draw on the palette to mix the desired shade of paint.
Don't forget to reflect on the portrait of the shaded areas and patches of light. Apply the paint with a brush short, light strokes. Each layer of strokes you have to apply the picture gradually.