You will need
  • Easel, brushes, paints, thinner, palette, paints, palette knife, cloths, primed surface: canvas on stretcher, cardboard or canvas on cardboard
For drawing you will need stretched on a canvas stretcher or other surface suitable for painting with oil paints. Also used cardboard or canvas mounted on cardboard. All surfaces must be primed. If you are just beginning to paint with oil, it is better to buy ready primed canvas in the store.
An easel is a device that raises the subframe with the picture. Without an easel to draw extremely uncomfortable. Also you and other useful tools, including a palette knife – a special spatula, which is convenient to mix the paint. There is even a technique of painting with palette knife.
Brush – usually young artists become the brush of stiff bristles, but also useful and a soft brush. You can draw almost anything, the main thing - do not do this with your fingers because the paint and substances contained in their composition are very toxic. They can penetrate through the skin into the body and cause poisoning.
Before you begin writing oil, mix paint to desired shade on the palette. This will help the spatula. To clear brush on paint, use a solvent and cloth. It is best to shade mixing no more than three colors. The traditional material palette – wood, but the glass is also great because it does not absorb paint and will not react with them.
As a solvent turpentine is often used, but it is quite toxic. Today there are less toxic solvents with more pleasant odors, pleasant to use them.
After you have finished writing, the brush should be rinsed in solvent and then wash in warm water using soap or shampoo. Brush is recommended not to put in the box, and keep the Cup so they could dry. It is best to install in a container of solvent for cleaning brushes additional the bottom with holes. So the paint chips will settle on the bottom without interfering with the rinse of the brush, and the lifetime of the solvent can be substantially extended.
The painting process of the individual. Everyone uses their own techniques and tricks. Of course, drawing skills will be useful to anyone who decided to engage in oil painting. Usually before you start the main drawing canvas underpainting is applied. It outlines who write very dilute paint. They are practically invisible. Then begins drawing itself. Oil paint is applied in layers over time, more working through the details.