If you decide to learn to paint with oil, try to start with simple patterns, gradually increasing the complexity. For example, try to draw a tree. To do this, take a sheet of paper or cardboard. However, you can also use canvas, cut wood, etc. It is your choice and taste. If you opted to cut the wood, sand the surface, Prime it and then start drawing.
Certainly, many have noticed children's drawings. Trees in their view – it's a brown triangular barrel, at the end of which is attached to the green oval. Don't relive your life so. Try to complicate the drawing, adding details: branches, trunk, etc.
At the initial stage, apply on a white background the shape of the future tree, and an array of foliage.
To do this, use a simple pencil can be easily erased. Don't pay attention to the branches, just schematically show their location.
You should pay attention to the size of a tree, if you draw from life. Consider the proportions, i.e. the ratio of the height of the trunk to its width, etc. In the visual method. At the same time, do not try to place the tree on the entire sheet, leave it around the small space.
During the application of oil paints, consider the presence of sunlight, shadows and a variety of glare. To reflect this with flowers. So, for example, use darker shades for the application of the lower leaves, lighter – upper.
Don't place the tree on a white background. Draw the sky, yellowed grass, etc. Do it before you move on to the final drawing of the individual elements. In the foreground are also beautiful to look bright wild flowers, path leading travelers into the distance and so on. You may need to draw a tree several times until satisfied with the result.