Select the block-a flute that you need. Flutes are very different. For example, they are made of different material. Basically, it is plastic and wood. They say that the wooden flute has a softer sound, but the plastic flutes are more durable, so choose at your own discretion. Also flute and vary the pitch. The most common flute is the soprano (the lowest on these flutes sound "to" the first octave). There are also tenors, sopranino, Alta.
Understand the structure of the flute. Typically, the flute consists of three parts, which are easily separated from each other. Twisting them and pushing a little, you can adjust the flute. This is especially important if you need to play along with other musical instruments – it is very important that all of them were adjusted to each other.
Learn how to hold the flute. The top should be left hand, index, middle and ring fingers, place over the holes. The thumb of the left hand you will open or close the opening on the back side of the flute, if the flute it is. Over the rest of the holes, place the fingers of the right hand, the little finger should be above the last, which is tilted slightly to the side from the other so that the finger comfortable. With such arrangement of fingers, if you close all the vents and blows into the flute, you will receive a note.
Learn how to extract the audio. To do this, start with the notes "C" of the first octave. Pinch the hole with your fingers, squeeze the muscles of your mouth and as if in a whisper say the sound "Tu-u". Stretch that note as much as you can. On the same way play notes downward, each time getting softer playing note. This exercise will train the muscles of the mouth and cheeks, and breathing.
Now, find the fingering for the flute and learn the basic notes. Look for notes of simple songs and melodies and try to play them, focusing on the fingering. Try to learn a few simple songs. Maybe you will, and independently choose some favorite tunes.
Remember: practice makes perfect. Play as often as you can, practice and you will soon master the technique of the game is simple, but very good tool. Good luck to you!