Go to his page "Vkontakte" and select "My photos". In the tab "My albums" click on the field gray "Create new album".
In the opened window write the name of your photo album and description. If desired, the bottom may be noted, who will be able to view photos in that album and comment on them. Then click "Create album".
Add photos in one of two ways: drag and drop in the browser window (inside the rectangle of the tab "Add photos") or download them. To do this, click "Choose file" and select the desired image in the review of his computer. To upload multiple photos, click on the desired image, hold down the Ctrl key. Then click "Open". If you want to load one photo, simply double-click on it in the browse window.
Downloading photos to an album, you can see the result by clicking "go to album". If you later want to add photos to created album, in the tab "My albums", click "Add photos" next to the album and upload it the same way.
To add a photo in the "Classmates", while on the page, click "Photos" and then on the opened page, click the icon "Create album".
In the window "Create photo album":- write his future title;- check who can see this album for you to view.Then click on the "Save"button.
You will see created (still empty) photo album. Click "Add photo".
In the opened window, browse the files, select the folder containing the file, and then double-click on the photo you want to add. If you want to add multiple photos, click on all desired files you want to upload, hold down the Ctrl key. Highlighting thus the desired photo, click "Open" at the bottom.
After that, you will be loading photos. After all images are loaded, you will see the photo album. In special fields you can add description of each photo and then saving the description (the button "Save"). It can also be noted on the photos. To see the result, click on the link "View photo album".
You can now edit photos. To do this, hover the mouse cursor over the photo and in the appeared window select action: make a photo album, tag friends, change description, move or delete. If you would like to add photos to an already created album, click "Photos" tab and click on this album. Click the "Add photo" and upload photos using one of the methods described above. That's all left to enjoy the result and wait for the ratings and comments from friends.