You will need
  • phone running Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Symbian.
The client of "Vkontakte" allows you to play audio directly in the interface. The program has a built-in player that runs when you try to play a song after pressing the preview button. In order to access the desired audio, you can go to "My music" sidebar menu.
In the client you can also use the search bar to find the desired ringtone. The program allows you to play audio in the dialogues and on the pages of users, which makes it a handy tool when you work with "Vkontakte". The official app is available for all modern mobile platforms. The client allows you to play music in Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Symbian.
If you are the owner of the phone on iOS, Android or Windows Phone, you can also play the right music right from your browser window. Open the Browser application (Safari for iOS and Internet Explorer for Windows Phone).
Go to your personal page by entering the system uses the username and password. You can go to the "Audio" page and click on the icon playback. If your device supports run audio from your browser, start playing the melody.
In addition to the official client "Vkontakte", you can use alternative apps available in the app store for your device. To find the right player for music streaming, enter "VK music" in the search line of the program. In the list of the obtained results, select the most suitable for the functionality of the application, having studied the screenshots and reading the user reviews.
Click on the install button and proceed with the installation of the application. Then run the program from the main menu of your device and enter your user name and password of the social network. Before you will see a list of audio recordings. Depending on the functionality of the program you will be able to view the friends ' music or search through the appropriate section of the program.