You will need
  • - Hairdryer
  • - Styler;
  • - thermomilk;
  • spray for hair straightening.
The hair looked healthy, watch out for temperature when using a hair dryer for straightening. The optimal temperature of 120-130 degrees, otherwise your hair is threatened by the drying, resulting in breakage and thinning hair. If you are unable to achieve the desired effect, increase temperature, but reduce the duration of exposure.
Before you start the procedure for straightening hair, apply a special protective means. There are also a variety of masks and shampoos that are used to restore hair structure after the negative impact of Hairdryers and stylers. Consult a hairdresser, what's the best fit for your style.
Never use raspalitelem if your hair is wet. You can burn and the only cure for you would be a short haircut. Before straightening your hair should be dried with a Hairdryer or allow to dry in a natural way and only then begin this procedure.
Do not overdo it. The procedure is repeated not more than two or three times a week. After straightening, use a spray to secure the result. And don't forget about recovery therapy, using a variety of cosmetic and folk remedies to strengthen hair.
If you still burned the hair, you should cut off the burned length and delay using the hair straightener on your hair in other ways.