What Curling iron should we use?

Thermal effect on hair always makes itself felt. To take care of your hair and reduce the risk of damage you need to carefully choose the Curling iron. Preference should be given to devices with non-metallic plates. They when temperature conditions do not burn the hair and damage its structure. The best and safest option is to choose a Curling iron with ceramic coating.

Hot hair straightening

The most common method of hair straightening hot straightening is considered to be. It is the most effective and kept on the hair for more than eight hours. Hot styling looks impressive and beautiful, and it takes a small amount of time.

Like any other method, it has several drawbacks. The main drawback, of course, is dehydration of the hair. For this reason, using the Curling iron, you must use various oils and sprays for hair styling.

The method of hot straightening is not recommended for women with weak hair. Weak hairs are easily section and a few weeks of constant use of Curling irons will have to do a short cut. Also should not be long to hold the Curling iron in one place, better get back to the strand again, something to melt the hair.

And of course, the method of hot straightening is not the safest. Because straightening your hair with a Curling iron, you could burn yourself. Burns from electrical equipment are very long and require the same treatment as the sun.

The procedure for straightening hair Curling

Before straightening hair with a Curling iron they need to prepare carefully. It is best to put on their special tool to smooth. Making the hair will be protected and they will be much easier to handle. Best for convenience divide all the hair into two parts: upper and lower. Application it is best to start from the bottom.

Start to straighten your hair is also necessary from the bottom, so as not to miss a single hair. With a comb, you must separate the section of hair and set the iron to its roots. It should be done very carefully and cautiously, so as not to burn the scalp. Fixing the plates, slowly lead her to the tips of the hair, by turning it in the opposite direction. The same method strand by strand, you should straighten the lower part of the hair and then the top.

Once the whole process is over, the hair should be lubricated with a few drops of coconut or almond oil. This will give them a healthy Shine and softness.