In order to straighten the hair is short, it is easiest to use a hot Hairdryer and a comb for styling, pulling wet hair and drying them in the tense form of a Hairdryer. It is much easier to straighten hair with a special iron – this flat irons today are available in all appliance stores.
In order for hair less injured after thermal treatment, use a special heat mask, and also get flat irons with ceramic plates.
If you want to permanently change your hairstyle, you will need to change the keratin structure of the hair. This can be achieved by chemical or bio-straightening.
Chemically hair straightening using sodium hydroxide, but this method, despite its efficiency, seriously disrupting the structure of the hair. There are more benign chemicals for hair straightening, or otherwise adversely affect the health of your hair.
For long lasting hair straightening is recommended to use the latest bio-technology in which hair is treated with amino acids cysteine. Penetrating the hair structure, they can alter the structure of keratin and do not spoil the hair. The only drawback of this method is its expensiveness.
In addition, there is directly the keratin hair straightening. This method of straightening is not only not harmful, but also useful – it improves the condition of damaged hair, adds them to the structure of the missing components and allows you to find elegant sleek hairdo for a few months. This method uses natural keratin, which provides a complete hair restoration and beauty.