You will need
  • - fan
  • - wires;
  • tools.
Choose your toilet fan. The main criteria here is the size and the power of the device. The proportions are on the package, but on performance you can learn by watching the passport of the product, which indicates how many cubic metres of air per hour can catch up with the fan. Based on this information, you can easily pick up the model you want. Everything else such as the presence of blinds, indicator or timer is purely individual.
Start preparation for installation and connection of the fan at the earliest stages of repair in the toilet. Preparatory work associated primarily with electrical wire to the mounting location, i.e. to the ventilation shaft. Here everything depends on the chosen modification of the device.
A simple fan is more convenient and easier to use in parallel with the lighting fixture. To do this, take the wire the desired length and connect it to the wire that provides power to the lamp in the bathroom, previously turning off the electricity. Use wires of the same material, and preferably of the same cross-section. Use connection terminals. In this arrangement, the connection, the fan will operate until the bathroom light was on.
If you are not satisfied with such an option or you have purchased a fan with additional features, powered it separately. Calculate the length of wire from the junction box to the switch (installed in place convenient for you) and from the switch to the ventilation shaft, with a small margin. Unplug the premises. Look in the junction box and zero phase. Powered wire. Route it to a place where there will be a switch. The next section of the guide from the switch to the ventilation shaft.
The installation and connection of the fan to produce after finishing work, disconnect the supply of electricity. Remove the protective fan grid. Through the holes of a print wire. Insert the fan into the hole of the ventilation shaft and secure it there. Choose your mounting method. For tiled toilet good silicone sealant. To plastic panels and the fan can be mounted with screws. Attach the wire to the contacts of the fan. Wipe off the excess wire into the mine. Replace the protective grille.