You will need
  • The glass, copper wire, wire, duct tape,paper clips, two square batteries.
Electromagnets are metals that are capable of magnetizing, such as Nickel, iron and so on, the motion of the currents around them. To get started, create a power source.
Take two batteries and connect them with tape. Connect the batteries so that the poles at their ends were different, that is plus opposite the minus, and Vice versa. Using clips to the end of each battery attach the wire. Next, place one of the paperclips on the top of the batteries. If the clip does not reach the center of each battery may have to unfold to the desired length. Secure the design ribbon. Make sure that the free ends of the wires and the edges of the clips reach the center of each battery. Connect the batteries at the top, do the same with the other side.
Take the copper wire. About 15 inches of wire, leave straight, then start wrapping it around the glass Cup. Make about 10 turns. Direct leave another 15 inches. Connect one of the wires from the power source to one of the open ends of the resulting copper coil. Make sure wires are well connected to each other. When connecting the circuit gives a magnetic field. Connect the other wire of the power supply with copper wire.
At that time, when through the coil is an electric current inside the metal is magnetized. Paperclips will stick together, the same metal part of the spoon or fork, the screwdriver will be magnetized and attract other metal objects, while the coil affects the current.