The duration of investigation of criminal cases is established by the criminal procedural legislation. In the resolution of this issue refer to the article 162 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation, which established the total duration of the preliminary investigation within two months from the moment of excitation of criminal case. In the calculation of the period should take into account that within two months not included the time intervals for which the investigation has been suspended for any reason. The rule provides a number of opportunities, using which the investigating authorities may extend the minimum period of a criminal investigation.

For what period you can extend the investigation?

The period of investigation any criminal case may be extended by the head of the investigative body without any reason up to three months. For the further extension is necessary to the investigation of the criminal case were of particular complexity. In this case, the investigation period may be extended to twelve months, but such decision can accept only the head of the investigative Committee (or other investigative body) on the subject of our country. Special complexity of the case under investigation is an evaluation concept that is not disclosed in criminal proceedings, therefore, in fact to the named annual duration may be extended the investigation on any case. In this case the period is not final, because further resolution of this question goes to the highest level.

Is it possible to extend the investigation period for more than a year?

Article 162 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation allows to extend the criminal investigation for longer than twelve months the Chairman of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the head of the other investigating authority at the Federal level. The maximum extension period for the decision of these officials is not installed, there are no specific grounds for the entry of an order. Therefore, in the present state of legal regulation it is possible to make an unambiguous conclusion that the maximum duration of the criminal investigation because the statutory period may be extended indefinitely by using the decisions of the heads of investigative agencies of different levels.