Act or a Protocol of disagreements shall be designed in accordance with the existing Standards, which reglamentary preparation of business documents. Print it on a standard sheet of writing paper. They should all be numbered.
The form of writing of the Protocol of differences is arbitrary, but it must be included the full names of the enterprises involved in the negotiations or verification, positions, ranks and surnames of the representatives of the parties, date and place of the meeting. The signatures of all mentioned in the Protocol officials should be put down at the end of this document.
In the list of differences necessarily give the full name of the document, which became the subject of discussion. All objections and conditions shall be referred to with reference to paragraphs of the original document and have specific reference to them.
Formulate the conditions so that they are understood clearly and avoid ambiguity. Avoid vague and inexact phrases: "within a reasonable time", "in time" - all the conditions must have concrete expression in the form of dates, quantitative characteristics, functional characteristics.
If necessary, an independent expert opinions apply to the Protocol, the conclusions of the experts in those areas, which include the theme of the original document. In the Protocol of disagreements in this case should be a link to this conclusion.
The Protocol differences can be kept as separate conditions and objections placed by the parties and the agreed General condition of contract. The latter is preferable because it allows you to reach a supplementary agreement, taking into account this common condition and not impede the continuation of joint activities.