You will need
  • brass nozzle from VAZ 2108 or brass tube;
  • - drill 10 mm;
  • - drill;
  • - solder and flux;
  • - gas burner.
Take an ordinary thermostat, which is used in the lower heating system of the car. The traditional thermostat has three output ports for two laps for the treatment of small startup and engine warming up, and a large used during the movement.
Manufacture of thin (1 mm thick) brass tube additional tube length of 15 mm and a diameter of 10 mm or take the tube from the thermostat VAZ 2108. It is necessary to drain the coolant from the interior heater ("stove") not directly to the engine, and thermostat, so it won't be so quick to cool off.
Drill carefully drill a 10 mm hole closer to the junction of the two elements of the housing opposite the nozzle at the top of the thermostat. Prepare a gas torch, solder and flux. If you do not have skills of soldering of brass products, it is best to consult the experts - save time and money.
Clean and etch a place where will be installed the additional pipe. Solder it. Flare slightly end part to better hold the coolant hose. If you use the tube from the VAZ 2108, then this should not be.
Seal the hole on the body "pump" (water pump) which is connected in normal mode the heater hose interior to the cold coolant from his radiator was not hit once in the engine. Get another round of her treatment, which will allow the temperature not to have a big difference on the inlet and outlet.
Connect upgraded the thermostat in the cooling system in the usual way, using sealant to prevent infiltration of liquids. Fill with coolant and check for leaks all connections.
Start and run the engine. Check coolant temperature with thermometer, it should reach 78-80 degrees.