You will need
  • - aluminum thermostat from "Chevrolet-Niva";
  • - coolant
  • - two lower and one upper hose from the same car;
  • - clamps of various sizes;
  • - the heater hose from the "Gazelle" with a length of 1 meter;
  • - stud wheel fixing from "Gazelle"
Drain the coolant and remove the thermostat regular. Prepare the new hoses. The top and bottom of the car "Chevrolet-Niva", with an average do of the old bottom by cutting from two sides to the desired length. Not to cut off the excess, determine its length at the place of installation. This hose should stay allowance of 2 cm on each side to fit them on the nozzles of the thermostat and the power unit.
Lower and middle hoses in advance put on the thermostat and secure with hose clamps. New thermostat install on a regular place. Do not worry if it will sit a little higher than the old – this is the cost of upgrading and can not do without them. If you wish, you can try to more accurately fit it to the new location.
Without changing the position of a metal pipe coolant return from heater, detach the heated hose of the carb. Hose cut 5 cm from the obtained cut do the plug connection of the heated carb using clamps to secure it. The remaining hose is put on the thin pipe of the thermostat. The heater hose cut near his elbow. Inside the segment, the remainder of the tube, insert the pin and stop thus. Stud screw and lock the clamp.
The outlet of the heater and thermostat connect the heater hose from the "Gazelle". Route it so that it did not pass close to the exhaust pipes. In addition, instead of standard pump stove, install an electric pump from the car "the Gazelle" at the output of the radiator. The power of this pump make switchable from the cabin. To install it use the regular pin under the surge tank.
As a result of modernization the need to close the radiator in winter, eliminated, reduced warm-up time of the motor in the cold, the temperature of the air coming from the heater greatly increased. The inclusion elettropompe improves heating of a frozen cabin.