Consider the situation with immigration in Australia. Today, the country offers three of the most suitable programs for highly qualified specialists (it should be noted that the availability of education, and especially doctoral degrees, increases the chance to several times). So, if you are applying for the role of an investor or business partner), at the Embassy, you will be offered participation in the program independent professionals. To the paper got to the, you'll need to be required to pass a test on knowledge of the language, the cost of which ranges from 6000 to 8500 rubles depending on the region. Next, you need to pay the state tax, official fee and a medical certificate for each member of the family is around 1500 USD.
We pass the certification. To confirm the level of their education and professional skills acquired in the country of residence, will have to work hard. The licensing Committee will review your paper and will deliver a verdict. At this stage, you will have to deal with Trades Recognition Australia, the so-called technical Committee of Australia. When filling out the paperwork, pay special attention to the experience that can confirm your skills. Do not try to embellish: if your statements are found to be unfounded, they will play against you at the time of consideration.
How to emigrate to Australia
The documents have been submitted, tests delivered - now need to wait for the result from the Committee. The main task is to recruit the right number of points. In order to emigrate from Russia to Australia, you need at least 120 points. Don't forget to attach all the papers favorably characterize your career, to consider the business plan and program, which can offer as an expert. When deciding be considered as documents on education, and the prospects of your professional growth in the country of immigration.