You will need
  • Internet Premium Proxy Switcher.
Install Premium Proxy Switcher that will change your IP address on proxy. You can install any of the available list of proxy servers. Since the program displays the country of the proxy server, you will be given the option to choose the server you need at the moment. The program finds proxy servers and tests their anonymity and performance. Compatible with popular browsers.
Right-click the mouse on the icon "Proxy Switcher". Click the IP address next to the flag of the country. So you will immediately change your IP address.
To load the IP list manually, run a program from browser window by clicking on the logo with the left mouse button. Click "Download proxy list". Open the folder "New". Check out all the proxies with the button "Test proxy servers for availability. Stop the test by clicking on "Stop Setting".
To move to check or remove addresses from the list in the required folder in the search bar, type in Latin letters the name of the country just as it is written in the list. To move addresses, select one of them and, without releasing mouse button, move the cursor to the desired folder.
To add the address in the folder "My Proxy Servers" click the " + " button (Add new proxy server). In the window that appears, enter the port and address. To delete, click the "-" (Remove proxy server).
Enable "Proxy" by clicking on "Switch to Select "Proxy Server".
To quickly change the "Proxy IP", move your workers ' in the the folder "Proxy Switcher". To do this, use the key combination "Ctrl + A" and drag the address list with the mouse.
To always get "fresh" proxy address, free sign up for a list of proxies. To do this, register on and order your proxy by pressing the appropriate button. Your E-mail will receive a list of 500 proxies.
Sites where the provided IP addresses:
To avoid problems with the Internet connection, turn off proxy server the icon "Switch to Direct Connection".