You will need
  • Mushrooms, freezer
The shelf life of mushrooms depends on the chosen method. In the bottom drawer of the fridge for vegetables it is not necessary to withstand the mushrooms for longer than a week. In addition, with too long storage in mushrooms formed the not-too-healthy substances, they become dark and dried. Before you put the mushrooms in the refrigerator, washing them should not be. Otherwise they will be dark almost the eyes. They should be stored in a covered container to prevent drying. If it's a plastic bag, then every few days it needs to be open for ventilation, so that condensate formed during the evaporation did not lead to decay.
Mushrooms that are not protected with polyethylene, can be stored on any shelf of the refrigerator within 3 days. If you sustain them for a longer time, they can harm the health.
If there is no desire before the new year holidays to pay for mushrooms is almost two times more compared to their regular price, it is easier to freeze the mushrooms in advance. This way to store mushrooms, the most simple and universal. It is sufficient just rinse mushrooms from the remnants of the earth, chop into pieces of the desired size, then put in plastic containers or normal bags. The container is placed in the freezer and after freezing mushrooms successfully stored for half a year. To use them for cooking is possible according to the same recipe, and fresh mushrooms. They are good for soup and for meat with mushrooms.