If you notice that your mobile phone constantly come SMS with the invitation to Dating sites or similar, remember, was not recorded whether you are on one of these resources. To unsubscribe you can by sending a message with the text off (or without text) to the number from which SMS received. If the messages are Dating site mobile operator, go to your "my account" and disable the subscription or send SMS request.
Check your account balance. If you notice that after each message from the account the money deducted, contact the support service of your operator. Ask them to disable access to your phone from this number.
If you want to remove information about yourself from one of the Dating site, read the terms of placing and removing forms, and then follow the instructions. Make sure that information about you removed. To do this, type into the address bar of the browser the URL of your account. If it really was deleted, on request you will receive a message that the page does not exist. Otherwise, contact customer support.
If the support team of the Dating site have ignored your appeal, send a complaint to the host company on whose balance sheet he is. To find out information about the web hosting service via WHOIS and WHOHOSTS. By law, the site owners can't prevent the user in placing and removing personal data. If the owner of the Dating portal and the host company is one and the same person, contact the court.
To disable it go to admin rights in Windows OS, go to C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers.... Locate the hosts file and open it using Notepad. Remove the address of the Dating website.
Use "Parental control" in "control Panel" in Windows OS or antivirus installed on your computer. Eliminate visiting websites with suspicious content. This method is more suitable for moms and dads who do not want too early of maturation of their children.