Before you delete your account from the Dating site, be sure to, if he were not paid. To delete a paid account will have to fill out a waiver form from the site services to the after care you do not accumulate debt. If you spoke for free, the account can be removed immediately. To do this you simply go to your profile settings, find the button "delete profile" or "to refuse services of the site". Clicking this button will delete the questionnaire.
How to remove <b>page</b> <em>website</em> Dating
If the website does not provide the ability to delete, just change your profile to get it fully stopped you comply with, and to you it was impossible for her to know (for example, delete all pics, change the data on the unreadable set of letters and digits or change the email address). Usually site administrators periodically check yourself users and inactive profiles are removed.
None of the above methods do not work? You can try the third – the spam emails (preferably the largest possible number of people). See, just after 2-3 complaints your account will be deleted or simply banned. But this option better try in the last turn, because with most sites the questionnaire can be remove with a simple push of a button in your profile settings.
How to remove <b>page</b> <em>website</em> Dating