Advice 1: How to delete a page on a Dating site

Becoming more and more popular Dating on the Internet, and between people of different ages. And these Datingof course to check on one of the affected sites. However, at a certain stage the person may want to remove your profile from the site. And then the question arises: "How do I delete my profile?", "How to make stopped coming suggestions of familiarity, which will eventually begin to irritate?".
How to delete a page on a Dating site
Before you delete your account from the Dating site, be sure to, if he were not paid. To delete a paid account will have to fill out a waiver form from the site services to the after care you do not accumulate debt. If you spoke for free, the account can be removed immediately. To do this you simply go to your profile settings, find the button "delete profile" or "to refuse services of the site". Clicking this button will delete the questionnaire.
How to remove <b>page</b> <em>website</em> Dating
If the website does not provide the ability to delete, just change your profile to get it fully stopped you comply with, and to you it was impossible for her to know (for example, delete all pics, change the data on the unreadable set of letters and digits or change the email address). Usually site administrators periodically check yourself users and inactive profiles are removed.
None of the above methods do not work? You can try the third – the spam emails (preferably the largest possible number of people). See, just after 2-3 complaints your account will be deleted or simply banned. But this option better try in the last turn, because with most sites the questionnaire can be remove with a simple push of a button in your profile settings.
How to remove <b>page</b> <em>website</em> Dating

Advice 2 : How to disable chat MTS package

The chat package is an additional service provided to subscribers of MTS. Often it can be in the list of services attached to the price by default. Not to overpay once again, it is possible to disable it.
How to disable chat MTS package
Enter *111*12# in the standby mode of the mobile phone and press send call. Disable chat MTS package from the menu of services then your number will receive a TEXT message informing you of the acceptance of the application. After a while you will also get a message about disabling services.
Go to "Internet assistant" on the page the official website of MTS. If you do not have a password to enter the system, create it by performing the suggested actions page (on your confirmation). Open a list of connected services and uncheck the "chat pack". This menu can also be used for management and other services provided by the operator.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet on the website of the operator to control the connected services to you or check with their operator. MTS often connect certain services without the consent of the subscribers, as initially it is free of charge, but after some time the operator begins to take the monthly fee for their use.
To disable or enable the chat service from "Beeline", also go to your personal account page and check the list of connected services. In the absence of Internet access will make a call to number 0611 and get the necessary information. You can also contact the nearest customer office, if a SIM card issued in your name.
Useful advice
The chat service is available and the operator "MegaFon". To enable or disable go to the menu "Service-Guide" on the website or call 0500. The necessary information can be obtained at the customer service offices of the company, showing the passport of the owner of the SIM card.

Advice 3 : How to disable "Dating" on a Megaphone

The various services offered by mobile operator MegaFon to its customers includes the option of "Dating". It has a monthly fee, and can also be charged for every sms request related to this service. If you wish to continue to use the proposal from a network of "MegaFon", "Dating" can be disabled.
How to disable "Dating" on a Megaphone
You will need
  • phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - passport;
  • - salon svyazi MegaFon.
To disable the service "Dating" mobile operator "MegaFon", please send USSD-request: *505*0*185# and press the call button, then follow the instructions.
Disable the service "Dating" in the network "Megaphone", sending an sms message with the text: "Love Stop" (without the quotes) to the number 5022.
If you do not want to receive messages from a specific user of the service "Dating", send to room 5162 special command: "Nick=block" and follow the instructions. Or search for the subscriber using the application "MegaFon-Navigation" or using the site, giving access to your personal account (see link). Select: "add to blacklist" or "Block."
Take advantage of the "Service guide" of "MegaFon". To do this, go to the official website of the operator, set the drop-down list your region and click on "Service guide". If you do not already have a password to log in to the service, use the algorithm it getting presented on the login page. This system allows to manage different services.
In case the interior-office of "MegaFon" is located near your area of residence or workplace, you can visit it in person to cancel the service "Dating" and find out a specialist related questions you may have. Don't forget that will ask for your passport. To find the address of the salon of the company "the Megaphone" in your city on the official website of the operator, in the "Help and service" (go to the tab "Our offices").
Try to call the operator of the information service of "MegaFon" at number 0500. Name your personal data stated during the registration in the network, and ask them to help you disable the service "Dating", or ask questions.
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