Contact traffic police for a pattern of official letterhead, or print it from the web site. If the forms do not have, make a certificate yourself, adhering to the common rules of documentation.
Under the heading of "Carrying information about the presence and status of vehicles registered," write the full name and occupation of the organization, legal and actual address and phone number. Create a mini-plate, make the information on senior members and responsible for accounting of the enterprise: name, position, address and telephone number.
Make an inventory of all vehicles as at the time of writing, the balance reference. The section should contain information about the make, vehicle model, year, category, model, color, stock body and cabin. Enter the identification number for each vehicle.
Note the balance in the certificate the technical condition of each vehicle, the initial cost, period of use, type of fuel, full fuel tanks, check the date of the passing of the last inspection. In the note, if listed on the balance sheet containers and (or) repair of point and does the drivers (with their name).
At the end of the balance help deliver signature enterprise Director and chief accountant near transcripts of names and positions. Specify as of what date, month and year structured note.