Accounting help you need to make in any form as the legislation does not provide a specific form. Best of all, if you it will be on the letterhead of the company.
As financial information refers to primary documents, and make her proper. Be sure to specify all details of the organization (name, INN, KPP, OGRN, address, Bank details). Then list the employees who are responsible for the accuracy of information contained in the certificate.
After that proceed to design the main text, set the essence of the changes previously entered data method of calculation of new indicators (in case of errors). Also, check the contents of the operation, order data changes. Optionally, you can specify the person that made the introduction of incorrect data into account.
For example, you made a mistake in the calculation of depreciation. Make corrections in the main text. The name of the document write in the center. In the upper right corner, specify the details of the organization and the date of preparation.
Main text write thus: "Chief accountant of OOO "Vostok" with the depreciation on the assets of the organization in 2011, was a mistake. Based on the calculation, please specify it in detail), the amount of amortization reductions for 2011 amounted to 15,000 rubles. But was erroneously entered the amount of 17,000 rubles. In April, accountant Ivanova I. I. was decorated posting in accounting: Д44 K02 (amount of depreciation accrued in the amount of 17,000 rubles). Bug fixed with entry: Д44 K02 (reversed unnecessarily charged the amount of 2000 rubles)".
At the end put the painting, the date of and bind the data with the blue seal of the organization.