Write a plan that will be issued for your explanatory note. His points should go in a strict sequence. Title page, abstract, table of contents, introduction. Then follows the main text, divided in chapters, with pages numbered. Then conclusion and references. If the explanatory Memorandum have the applications they need to be put after the references and numbered.
Sketch a rough draft explanatory notes based on those goals and objectives that you set for yourself in the research paper. The note also need to provide a brief analysis of the work of your predecessors and authors of scientific papers on the topic in which you are engaged. One of the Central themes of the note should be the setting of research tasks in which you engaged in thesis work. The result of this work, preferably with specific numbers if you have them, need to be put in prison.
Introduction you can start with why you chose this topic for my thesis or research, what is its value. Describe all the difficulties that met you on the way in this work. Specify the Chapter and explanatory notes. Note that each Chapter should be the conclusion, but on the basis of all conclusions of the written opinion.