Use for drawing up the accounting balanceand a standardized reporting form №1. Learn the rules of filling lines, which are set out in section 4 of PBU 4/99. All metrics should be expressed in thousands or millions of rubles without using decimals. Also remember that to reflect a negative number, use parentheses.
Perform the following steps to validate the completeness and reliability of information about assets and liabilities of the enterprise. To do this, before drawing up of the accounting balanceas you perform an inventory of assets and liabilities, as well as a reformation in the balance. If there are errors, make the appropriate adjustments in the primary documentation.
Complete the asset balanceand, which consists of information about non-current and current assets. It should be remembered that fixed assets, investments and intangible assets necessary to reflect the residual value.
Count the cost of the stock of goods and inventories, net of reserve, which was created after inventory. Also from the balance of accounts receivable must be deducted a reserve for doubtful debts.
Fill in the details in the liability balanceand, which reflects data for the debts and obligations of the company, as well as payables and borrowings. This part of the report to identify the amount of debt and the possibility of compensation by assets.
Check the correctness of the balance. Determine the amount of the balancea, which is equal to the sum of lines 190 and 290. This value must match exactly with the sum of lines 490, 590 and 690. If the equation is satisfied, the balance is written correctly, otherwise you must re-check all data entered with inventory act.
Remember that all data balanceand should match the balances on the relevant accounts of accounting. In this regard, at the end of each month of the reporting period, you must make the trial balance that allow you to identify inaccuracies. If this reporting is completed correctly and in balancee discovered the error, it is possible she is in the wrong calculation or indication of numbers.