You will need
  • Request in written form.
Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities when opening a Bank account are obliged to inform tax inspection. While the tax authority does not answer is sent to the automatic mode by the Bank request, the client is unable to fully manage their funds. To replenish the account, he has every right to withdraw money or transfer to other accounts no. If the client wants to get a loan, it must provide data about open accounts in other banks in the form of a reference.
To get help in the Bank that is servicing the account, you must prepare a written request to the head of Department on work with entrepreneurs and legal entities of the Bank, or to the head office of the Bank where you have your accounts. The request must specify what you need help with. This can be a certificate of a current account, information on account balances, information on no credit debt, proof of account closure and so on. If the certificate must contain data about the speed, it is required to specify the period and the date, which must be issued a certificate.
A written request must be certified seal and signature of the authorized person, then assign a reference number and send to the Bank either by mail or submit in person. For entrepreneurs who work without a stamp signature. A Bank employee upon receiving the request, registers it in the journal adopted the correspondence, assigns the incoming number and reports to the responsible specialist on work with legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Upon request, prepares the certificate within 1-3 days. However, the Bank charges an additional fee for such services.
Get ready to help the Bank also has an authorized person in connection with the fact that it is prepared in 2 copies and in the instance of the Bank the customer needs to put your signature, the date of receipt and seal of the organization.