To create graffiti Vkontakte, go to your profile and click the mouse cursor on an empty line to insert the status. Then click on visiteuses in the lower right corner of the row the word "Attach" and in the opened context menu select "Graffiti".
This will open up a window for drawing with the inscription "Your graffiti on the wall...". In this window, as on an ordinary sheet of paper, you can draw with the mouse cursor, optionally changing the color and thickness of lines. Corresponding control buttons are located at the bottom of the window: "Color", "Thickness", "Intensity".
If you do not like what you get when you first try, erase the bad image by clicking on the word "Cancel" in the upper left corner of the working window. So you are a single click will erase the whole picture completely. If you need to do to close the window graffiti, click on the word "Clear".
Finished picture you can save not only on the wall, but in a separate document. To do this, click in the upper right corner of the window to graffiti the word "Save" and select the list of suitable option. When finished, click on the "Send" button to save graffiti on the wall.
If you want to post pictures-graffiti on the pages of their friends and plan to use not only your drawings, use one of the many programs. For example, try to work with free program to insert graffiti VKbot. Download the program from the official developer website at The program is completely free and requires no registration.
Save the installation file VkBot.exe in a separate folder on your hard drive and run it. In the opened window of the interface, enter your username and password to log into the network Vkontakte. After a successful login select the "Load" and then "Loading Images as Graffiti." Then select the picture on your computer, optionally add a caption or message and paste the link to the page of a friend or group where you want to place your graffiti. If all goes well, you will receive a message that the picture is sent to the server.