In reality, there is nothing complicated. The interface of social networks such as VKontakte and Facebook has a user-friendly interface. Just need to know some nuances. Including how to place an image on so-called "the wall" – the analogue of the guestbook on the user pages. It does not matter whether you plan to send a picture on my wall or friend's wall - a sequence of actions one and the same.
To post a picture on the wall in VKontakte, it is necessary to have it on your computer. To load images from the Internet only links, but in this case, the picture itself will not be reflected. So if you want to photograph is visible at once, save it on your hard disk. Then follow the steps below.
Click the cursor in the empty box wall is used for entering new messages. Then at the bottom you will see two additional buttons: "Send" and "Attach". You need a second. Click on the words "Attach" and in the popup context menu select "Picture". This will open a window with the phrase "Upload new photo" and "Browse" button. Clicking on it, you will see that opens the standard Windows dialog with a list of your folders and files. Select those you need and click "Open".
After selecting the file on the wall to see an example image in miniature. If this is the picture that you want to publish, click "Send". The image will appear on your wall in a tiny package. View full size in a separate window by clicking the mouse on the picture. If an image is not something that was planned, hover over a cross from the right side of the picture (at this moment appears "not to attach") and click it. Then repeat the procedure for the selection of the file first.
On Facebook, the sequence of steps is slightly different. Over an empty field to enter the message posted local menu: "Status, Photo, Link, Video, Question." Select the function "Photo", this will open a submenu with different options: "Upload a photo from your computer", "take photo using web camera", "Create photo album".
Select the first option. A window will open saying "Select an image file on your computer" and "Browse" button. Then proceed in the same way as in the example network VKontakte. Only in this case, for downloading, you will see the "Share" button. The picture of a padlock located to the left of her, opens the context menu with the privacy settings to make the picture available for public viewing, only for friends or for you personally. Select the desired item and click "Share". Your picture will appear on the wall in the form of a thumbnail that opens full size on click.