Select wall mount for microwave. It usually consists of two mutually parallel plastic or metal supports (brackets), on which it is installed. Sometimes these supports should be based on a common I-beam to withstand the weight of the microwave. To select a suitable weight attachment, read the instructions to several such sets. Decide the color (it can be combined with furniture, Wallpaper, curtains). As for the size, they are selecting modern fixtures can not be ignored, as the anchorage length is usually adjustable.
Take a drill or punch (depending on how strong the walls in your house) and drill holes for dowels, pre-defining at what height is best to put the stove. Insert the dowel into the hole in the wall (if it is plastic) or use the nail gun (if it is metal). Attach the bracket onto a nail or screw and hammer it with a single blow to the wall. Check how firmly set the bracket.
If you think that the dowel-nail or dowel-screw will not keep the microwave, try to consolidate support for her anchor bolts. Take the hole puncher and make the holes in the wall. Unscrew the hex nut and washer fit bolt bracket. Then place the washer and tighten the nut until it stops.
If you want to put the microwave in the space between the kitchen cupboards, buy a special frame or make it yourself from parts. Measure the stove, saw from the corners of a few strips of the desired length. Cook them or secure with bolts. Paint this design in the color of the kitchen furniture. Make a shelf of chipboard. Attach it to the wall with dowels or anchor bolts. Put it on the microwave and mount outside the frame.