Microwave, even the smallest, is a great and compact helper in the kitchen. As a rule, to the category of small ovens include width from 40 to 50 cm and a depth of about 40 cm, Such excellent stand on any shelf in the kitchen or window sill. The volume of small microwave ovens usually varies between 15 and 17 liters, and the rotary disk is 22-24 cm in diameter.

Advantages of small microwave ovens

Do not think that if a mini oven, so it does not work or is limited in functions. In fact, modern small mikrovolnovke standard features that includes a grill and convection, automatic defrosting, and cooking certain programs.

It is worth remembering that the heating speed does not depend on the size of the stove, and from its power. Babies often have a high enough level that allows them to anything to give a large recessed models. As a rule, the power of a small microwave oven range 700-900 Watts and this allows you to safely reheat food and to cook for family of 3-4 people.
Of course, a relatively small power, if we take for example a large microwave, puts a little another plus is the ergonomics. In result, your electricity bills will not go overboard.

Another plus small microwave that it is easy to care for. This oven is easy to clean, as the size is compact and polluted it is, of course, less than a large microwave, reminiscent of an oven.

In addition, small ovens are widely represented in the model series of almost all manufacturers of household appliances. Which is not true of embedded giants. Those are made only to certain firms and more limited than a mini-oven.

Rules for the selection of small microwave ovens

The selection of devices of this kind is no different from the others. You need to check a few points to understand the quality before you model or not. So, for example, it is important to control type - push button, mechanical or touch. By the way, this little oven favorably with embedded models, most of which touch. The stove with the mechanics of the most reliable, however, deprived of the share facilities. You have to settings all the time to twist all the knobs, exposing the desired mode. In addition, these models mostly only used for defrosting or heating. Programs involving the automatic cooking are not available. Such models because of their reliability and ease of management are usually used by the elderly.

Models with push-button control system is already more advanced. They have been there a display that displays basic information. In addition, such models may already include automatic cooking programs. In such a microwave oven, according to experts, you can already cook more complicated dishes.

And, of course, the most convenient option - it is a oven with touch control. They are beautiful, easy to use and look very stylish. The set of functions in such models are noticeably dilated.

The second point which you need to pay attention to when choosing a small microwave, - its internal surface. Usually to finish inside the microwave oven use enamel, stainless steel or other special coating. The enamel is in most cases used in budget models. Stainless steel set in universal ovens, which provide a grill and convection. As for the special coating, it usually understand fashion today ceramics. It is both non-stick and antibacterial. At the same time to care for her a lot easier than the first two types. However, the use of ceramics increases the cost of the device.

You also need very meticulously examine the safety of the furnace. Such functions typically include automatic opening doors, protective screen, the lock with the door open, the protection of children, etc. many more embedded devices of these functions.
Small microwave ovens are capable of real miracles. For example, in the market there are models that possess the function of voice prompts.

Advanced stoves are equipped with a weighting function products, as well as a delayed start that allows you to get a delicious Breakfast of quiche or a sandwich to the right time. Also, there are special stand for the microwave to contain the bottles of baby food. According to reviews, this is one of the most convenient features, which is vital for families with kids.

Buy a small microwave oven simple. Simply come into any shop of home appliances and to choose the right model. Alternatively, you can select the option you want on the Internet and order a delivery. Then that will be the case for small - to find where to put my helper in the kitchen. In principle, this can always be easily hung on the wall using special holding brackets. And place save, and it will be convenient to use.