You will need
  • instructions for microwave
  • -screwdriver set
  • -plastic container
  • -dielectric gloves
Determine the nature of fault according to the list of issues and how to resolve them. He usually is in the technical user manual of household appliances. If during use the microwave or when the door is opened, the backlight does not work, then most likely you need to replace the bulb.
Unplug the microwave from the mains. Then remove the upper cover. It has a U-shape and secured in the back using screws. On the right side wall of the microwave oven has apertures through which light comes into the camera directly. In front of these holes has a lamp.
Withdrawn through the casing will be visible lamp holder microwave oven, stuck in the duct. Remove the cartridge, Unscrew it from the lamp, replace it and reinstall. Assemble the casing. Check the efficiency of household appliances.
If after replacing the lamp, the backlight is not working again, the problem may be the fault of other elements or timer. If the nature of the problem has a simple solution, to repair by yourself. But to resolve more complex faults it is better to contact the service center.