We must remember that a microwave oven consumes a significant amount of power, usually the power is 2 kW or more, so it is advisable in homes with old wiring use the dedicated line power supply with individual socket for the oven. This line is desirable from the input junction boxes in your apartment.
Before you install your microwave oven, you should check its technical condition, namely to ensure:
- does the power cord for any damage;
- whether the plug of power supply;
- tightly closing the furnace door;
- there are no any damage in body, which prevent further exploitation.
For installation of the microwave oven, select a level place with a reliable stand that can bear the weight of the stove and cooked in it. Also when choosing a location, care must be taken to allow for the ventilation device. Clearance for ventilation must be at least 10 cm at the sides and about 25cm from the top of the furnace. This is to ensure that during operation the device is cooled. If you do not comply with these distances, your oven due to overheating can exit very soon from the system.
When installing the microwave, it is desirable to put as far as possible from sources of heating and cooking stoves, as increased temperature reduces the life of the thermostat and trite leads to damage of plastic parts. The recommended operating temperature range 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. It is impossible to put the stove and on the window sill, first, from the extremes of outdoor temperatures on the glass condensation, and secondly, detrimental to the device temperature changes just can not be avoided.
Try not to plug in the electrical outlet where the microwave is connected, other devices like computer or TV because the oven at the work gives a strong electromagnetic interference and voltage fluctuations, and this may affect the malfunctioning of the devices.
The optimal location of the microwave oven – wooden Cabinet with good ventilation (for example, without rear wall). This may be part of the kitchen, which is usually mounted over a Desk or over a dishwasher. Put the stove on the refrigerator is not reasonably high, it is not convenient to get ready and warmed up dishes.
Modern headsets locations for furnaces provided designs, often even built-in fans and a very convenient side drawers for clamps and kitchen details.