You will need
  • - medical certificate from the hospital or other document confirming the fact of birth (a doctor who accepted childbirth outside of a hospital, or a witness statement certified by a notary or made in person at registration);
  • - personal presence of both parents;
  • - the passports of both parents.
Get a medical birth certificate of the child. If he was born in the hospital, this certificate will give the mother at discharge. If the birth took place outside a specialized facility, for example, at home, but attended a doctor, ask him to issue a medical certificate of birth.
Take care of the presence of at least one witness, if the birth took place outside the hospital and without a doctor. Use the services of a notary if the witness will not be able to join you to visit the registry office and to make an oral statement. The notary will notarize his signature on a statement confirming the birth.
Visit during working hours of the registry office. This may be a district Registrar at the location of the hospital (or the address where the child was born), at the place of residence of either parent or the Palace solemn registration of the birth, if there is one in your area. Don't forget the document confirming the birth of the baby (medical birth certificate or witness statement), and your passport.
Complete the documents that are on offer at the Registrar's office. They will need to submit your personal data to the parents and the child's name. As you are not married, the names are different. You can record any, as agreed between them. Evidence of paternity workers of the registry office will issue on the spot.
Don't forget to take the employees of the registry office of a certificate for payment. Leave it at the place of work of the parent who will draw benefits, or if both do not work - in the management of social protection of the population at the place of residence of one of them. If local laws in your area provide additional social benefits to newborns (for example, in Moscow it is a compensatory payment in connection with the birth of a child), certificates of the registry office can be more: to provide and to work, and in the Department of social protection.