You will need
  • - certificate from the hospital or other document confirming birth of the child;
  • - passports of parents;
  • - marriage certificate.
To the Registrar at the place of residence of either parent necessary to apply within one month from the date of the appearance of the baby born. If the parents are married, make it possible for any of them. With him he must have a certificate installed from the hospital, passport, and your second parent, and a marriage certificate.In the case of children born out of wedlock, enough passports and the help of the hospital, but the Registrar must be both father and mother.The registry office will need to complete standard forms and hand them to the officer dealing with the registration of the birth. Next step is to come in prepared testimony.Workers of the registry office give out to parents also help for the payment of benefits for social security and work.
The next stage - making the child's Russian citizenship and registration of residence.
According to the law for gaining citizenship of the newborn is sufficient that the citizen of the Russian Federation was at least one of the parents. But the procedure of registering him as a citizen of the Russian Federation, this does not negate, and without a new registration will be incomplete.The stamp about the Russian citizenship is put on the certificate on the same day, but to this document will be somewhat later, because at the same time, the FMS will hold and formalities for registration of the baby's place of residence.
To register a baby entitled to any of the parents in the same home, where was he. Feature registration (or, as it is called the old residence registration of the newborn in that it doesn't matter how many people registered in the apartment or house and does not require their consent to the registration of the new tenant. But when you permit the child to a new address, this will not be avoided.From the father or mother of a newborn requires only a visit to the district migration office or the passport office of the former housing office (in different regions may have their own rules) at the place of their residence with the passport and the birth certificate of the child and fill in the necessary form.And then pick up a certificate with a stamp on nationality and registration mark at the place of residence.
In the first six months after birth, the child is entitled to free medical care irrespective of availability of citizenship, registration and insurance. However, making a final is better not to delay.To apply for it you need to the clinic at the place of residence of either parent. If the policies are not being processed right on the spot, that will tell you which insurance company to go, and its coordinates. You can find them on the website.Insurance coverage for a newborn may be both the father and mother. This requires to be in the company division involved in the design of insurance policies, your passport with residence permit and birth certificate of the child and to fill out an application for the issue of the policy.
To apply for registration of the policy it is possible to register the child's place of residence. But by the time of receiving the final document the mark about the registration in the birth certificate must be present.