You will need
  • -statement
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate of the child
Information about the children entered in the passport of parents to reinforce the citizenship of the Russian Federation. On the birth certificate of children is stamped on citizenship. Make information about children in the passport is desirable but not mandatory.
Contact the territorial migration service. Write a statement about the registration in your passportand information about children. Imagine the birth certificate of kids and your passport.
If the parents are registered in different places, each must apply to the migration service at the place of its incorporation.
Depending on place of treatment data on children will make for from 10 minutes to 1 month. Stamp and signature of an authorized officer. On the birth certificate of children also put a stamp.
If you want to make data on children in the foreign passport and take for his passportand on the basis of the submitted information children abroad, you should know that it violates Russian law on the removal of minors from the Russian Federation and all international rules. On the child of any age you need to register your foreign passport and paste it in the photo. Custom, missing children entered in the passport of the parents, violates the laws of Russia.